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  • I read through the manual and old posts and found a solution that finally seemed to give me a format for my counter.

    seconds and milliseconds are displayed like this "2:45"

    Until this was displayed "1:100"

    Here's the action:

    "Average:"&" "&Date.ToTimerSeconds(IntervalName.ResponseAverage)&":"&zeropad(round(Date.ToTimerMilliseconds(IntervalName.ResponseAverage)/10),2)

    Now I don't understand what's happening. If you do please explain. Because I would really like to understand ;)

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  • Try this:


  • Cool, thank you, dop2000. I'll try it.

    But can you explain your suggestion?

    Let's say ResponseAverage is 999.

    Wouldn't your version amount to 100 aswell in that case?

    You got me thinking I might have to use floor instead of round? So 99,9 would become 99.

    I'll try both and see ;)

  • Let's say ResponseAverage is 4959. Round(ResponseAverage/10) will give you 460. 460%100 will return 60. And zeropad(60,2) will display "60"

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