Tileset confusion - Show empty tiles?

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  • I have a Tileset in my Layout right now. I duplicated the Layout to make a new one and expanded the Tileset to be bigger. Looks like all these "empty" looking tiles are actually solid collision tiles. (Guessing)

    I started erasing, but I can't tell which tiles are truly empty w/ no collision, and which ones are empty but have collision. Would be rad to have some kind of debug toggle, or Show Collision on the Tileset in the Layout.

    Can't find any options like this - so I'll probably just make a completely new Tileset object.

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  • If don't have placed tiles on this position, there should no tile be there.

    You can control that by activating "Show Collision Polygons". Click on your Layout in the Project Window, then on the left in Properties there is a tab 'Editor'. Click on "Show Collision Polygons". Now you should see if there is any collision polygons on that tiles.

  • Dang, I've totally used Show Collision Polygons before - completely forgot where it was. Thanks! Perfect.

    There were definitely some invisible tiles that had collision littered throughout the Layout.

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