TileMovement won't move when Solid

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  • Hi Everyone,

    Trying something different here with my tile game. Someone mentioned in my last post there was a 'can move to' option under the tile movement behavior. So I have been playing around with it. It definitely simplifies some things, but not others.

    My struggle is that I am wanting an object to test if the tile next to it is free and if so move there. If not, go to the next argument. But the only way i see it to test for 'free or not' is if there is a solid object there.

    But if I make all the objects solid, they mysteriously ignore everything else and won't move at all.

    So ok, I saw in the manual you can enable/disable the solid function. So I thought if I added a disable, then move then enable action sequence that would work around it. But it didn't.

    So how can I accomplish what I need?

    Here is a link to the game: drive.google.com/open

  • Hi,

    I tried your game, I tried to do what you wanted.....

    I can't do it either!

    I'm sorry.

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  • Ok, I was actually able to figure out how to do what I needed.

    Here is the solution for anyone who needs it.

    On clicking the object is changed from solid to not.

    then the object moves.

    added a 'when not moving' condition, the object is solid.

    So just temporarily turning the solid off.

  • Can you show me?

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