How do I make a tilemap?

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  • Hello All,

    I`m new here trying to learn how to make a simple 2D Game,Iv summit that i can learn and then learn to my Son,

    Im just confused with the size of a tile map or a sprite sheet,

    so if i wanna make a player character what size do i start with ( i`m suing pixel Art and Aseprite )

    do i use 16x16 32x32 64x64 128x128 ?


    also if i make lets say a block for a wall how would i put it all into a tilemap? Do i just cut and copy paste onto a big sheet, in lets say phtosop,?

    Thank you for any help,

  • For pixel art tiles or characters etc, pick a size divisible by 8. 8x8,16x16,24x24,32x32,64x64px etc.

    For a tilemap, say you choose a tile size of 16x16, make your total tilemap width and height a multiple of that number for example, a 10 x 10 tile map will be 160px x 160px.

    In your art software, create a grid guide that is 16x16px so that your drawing canvas is segmented into 16x16px tiles.

    Draw your tiles onto your canvas and save the image as a png.

    In Construct, add a tilemap object to the game. In the properties set the tile size to 16x16px. In the image editor load in your exported .png file.

    Back in the normal editor, stretch your tilempa to cover your viewport/layout or whatever area you want it to cover. Select the tilemap object and use the tilemap editor to select tiles and paint them onto the canvas using the brush tools.

    Highly recommend doing some of your own research and watching videos etc. as this is basic stuff, and you'll never learn by not trying it yourself.

  • Thank you so much for your reply,

    iv been learning to use pycharm to make some little simple Games,( trying to lol)

    But at the point were i would like to see art work put on the screen,

    iv had alook at this Construct before but never tryed it, So here i am trying this one now, but alrdy feel more at ease with this programme.

  • hello everyone,

    hope everyone having a good day,

    i`m having a bad time trying to figure out how i can make my own textures

    for a simple 2d Game,

    iv tryed to make pixel art size 16x16 18x18 32x32

    but when i try to import into Construct i cont seem to put them in order inside the grids,

    i have been trying to find answers on youtube, google etc,

    but have had no look,

    sorry if this question has been asked before,

    some screen shots hope they help so anyone can try help me out,

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  • im sorry i made couple of post with pictures,

  • im sorry i made couple of post with pictures,

  • It's all covered in my original reply.

    Make sure you create a tilemap that is a multiple of your tilesize. Import that into the image editor for the tilemap and then in the tilemap properties window set the tilesize correctly.

    Here is an image of a 64 x 16px tilemap imported into the tilemap image editor.

    Our tile size will be 16 x 16px so this tilemap image provides 4 unique tiles.

    Now we select the tilemap object and set the tilesize to 16x16px

    And now our tilemap editor window shows us 4 tiles to choose from, neatly aligned to an appropriate sized grid.

  • calminthenight

    Thank you So much my Friend, you have helped me out so much with your help,

    its all sorted now, thanks to you ;)

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