Tiled .tmx file imports, but nothing changes. No errors either.

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  • I used to be able to import .tmx files just fine into the C3 editor, which is pretty much what everyone does. Except, for some odd reason recently, the Tilemap refuses to update or even give an error when I import a .tmx file. No graphic updates or changes to already existing tilemaps, just nothing. Not even a "hey, you screwed up" error to let me know something is wrong.

    In the images below, you can see the tile layer I'm importing, and proof that there are actual tiles on said layer. The tileset is embedded into the map, so that should mean the tileset file doesn't need to be selected. I have tried choosing the tileset file I'm using (you can guess what happens since I'm posting here).

    You may notice that there is more than one tileset here. These tilesets are only open in different projects in Tiled, and there are absolutely no tiles placed from them into the map. When I open the map by itself after closing Tiled completely, only baseTiles_1 opens. None of the other tilesets are embedded either.

    Any help with this would be appreciated. I've been trying to figure this out for the past week before asking here, and at this point it's well beyond my understanding. If there was any sort of error handling at all I would've solved this already, but alas, it doesn't exist.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Can you share the .tmx file you are using?

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  • Right here.

    I included the .tsx, the tileset image, and the .tmx in case those are somehow needed.

  • Took a look at this, and found a little problem.

    If you open the .tmx in Tiled and take a look at the Tile Layer Format property in the map's main properties, it is set to Base64 (Zstandard compressed). The problem with this is that it looks like C3 is not even handling that case, so it just ignores it and doesn't do what it needs to do when it comes to the un-compression step it does when loading a map.

    If you change the property to anything else, Base64 (zlib compressed) will work, and try loading in C3, then it will work.

    I'm an not very familiar with Tiled so it took me a while to realize how to show the main properties, found them in Map -> Map Properties.

    Anyway, that should sort you out. C3 should at least say that the compression type is not supported, should be an easy fix.

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