How do I tile a sprite?

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  • Hey! Me again looking for some help.

    I have a rotating flame, it works like a 'laser' that changes in width with collision, however unless my fire is plain in color, it looks awful because it gets stretched out. Of course, it's a sprite and that's how it works.

    I thought about using a tiled background and putting it on top but those can't be animated so now I can tile but is static.

    Any help, ideas or videos on how to do it? It's hard to search cause I keep getting tiled background stuff when I use the word 'tile'

    If there's a whole different way of doing what I intend it would also be useful, this is what I could come up with but I'm open to starting over with this object.

    I leave 2 gifs, one plain and one with just random lines, which I would like to be tiled instead of stretched, this way I could give it a fire effect


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  • I can think of two ways to do this -

    1. Make a long sprite. Don't change its width. Instead, put a mask sprite with Destination Out blend mode on top of it to "cut off" the part of the laser beam which should be invisible.

    2. Use a TiledBackground object. You can animate it with events, see this example:

  • Hey! Sorry I forgot to say thanks.

    I tried a bit with your ideas which make sense to me but I didn't look how the collision worked when changing between different colliders. It looks like it 'jumps' from one collider to the other.

    So I ended up using particles and it looks good.

    Thank you again!

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