How do I use Tile movement properly?

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  • Started a brand new project and have 1 object with the tile based movement.

    WASD for movement, but if I have "Bound to layout" or "Wrap" it messes up.

    "Bound to layout" with tile movement, will freeze the character if it touches the edge of the layout.

    "Wrap" once wrapping around for the first time, the direction of input that was used to wrap will stay and the character will be stuck on that direction.

    Any tips?

  • Easy - don't use these behaviors.

    Make a barrier around the layout with solid tiles.

  • Easy - don't use these behaviors.

    Make a barrier around the layout with solid tiles.

    Whats the point of having these behaviors if you always have to make some work around?

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  • Well, they work well in some games and easy to grasp for beginners. But they are obviously not compatible with Tile Movement behavior.

  • Some behaviors are not meant to work with each other, for example physics and any other movement behavior.

    Behaviors are tools and shortcuts to do specific things more quickly and easily, when used for their intended purpose.

    Anything a behavior can do can be replicated with events, so if a behavior doesn't do exactly what you need it to you can always make your own system.

    You can also post a suggestion if you feel like something lacks functionality people could use. Construct is under quite active development.

  • Bound to layout sounds like a bug.

    Wrap, not so much.


    Wraps is acting weird.

    Thats a bug.

    They are both bugs.

    If it's not supposed to work with it it should not do anything.

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