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  • I am working on a game with tile-based movement.

    I am trying to recreate the ice floors from Chip's Challenge- basically if the player stepped onto an ice tile they would lose control of their character, and the character would slide in one direction until they 1. hit a wall and bounced back, 2. hit a special tile that deflected the angle of their bounce, or 3. stepped off an ice tile and onto a normal tile.

    I have been trying to recreate this but its really sensitive and glitches out easily. Has anyone done anything like this with tile-based movement before?

    (Honestly having trouble with similar conveyor belt floors but making that post later after I make more tries.)

  • Store the last movement input in a variable. While moving, disable inputs. Upon tile movement finishing, if the player is on an ice tile, simulate control of last input. Else if not on an ice tile, enable inputs again.

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  • I got this working, thank you so much!

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