Tile background that is a spline instead of a rectangle?

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  • Can anyone tell me how to add a tiled background shape that isn't a rectangle? Not the image that is being tiled, but the tiled background container itself. I'm looking to create a winding river in top-down view that is all a big b-spline. I need to tile the water, shore, grass, and forest. Am I going to have to figure out some z-order trickery to hide the edges of tiled backgrounds underneath curved static sprites?

    Or instead of a tiled background, can I somehow draw boundaries on a map and then fill within those boundaries with a tile?

    I am always eager to read and learn so if someone can point me to a doc and tell me what to go read about, that would be ideal. I've been searching forums, searching docs, searching google, and haven't found an answer to this one.

  • If you make the river area a solid color you can then use a blend mode to put a tiled background within it.

    So create a new layer. Set force own texture to true. Place a sprite for the shape of the river. Put a tiled background on top and set its blend mode to destination in.

    I guess for the shore lines you’d do an additional layer or something.

    You could also create the river with multiple sprites or you could draw a big polygon with the canvas plugin.

  • Oddly enough you would have a better chance doing what you described in C2.

    You would deform quads using the Paster object, and grabbing textures.

    In C3 you can draw polygons using the Drawing Canvas, and apply a non deformed texture via blend modes.

    Al alternate method would be to just paste circles in a spline, and apply a texture with a similar method.

    What you are most likely describing is a feature request for Sprite deformations like we had in Construct Classic.

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  • Yep, ok, that's unfortunate, but I figured it would be a workaround/trick instead of a feature. Ok thanks very much for the ideas.

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