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  • I'm trying to use this template from the store ( and I do not understand this part of the instructions on how to use it. The seller is not replying and I am puzzled.

    In the instructions it says that I need to install a CMS panel and I dont know what that is. The instructions also say

    'To install the WEB CMS Panel you need to have a hosting server.

    You can use a dedicated server or a free server.

    Your server must have the 5.6+ version of PHP.

    Access the panel of your server and select FTP.

    Transfer the files from the folder "WebPanel CMS /admin" to your remote server via FTP

    After finished upload, you will have the admin folder on your FTP. (

    You can rename the "admin" folder. (Example: '

    Can somebody help me?

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  • a CMS is a Content Management System. it allows you to manage content for your game - in this case, add questions, maybe manage user accounts and high score lists, etc.

    for this to work, you need to have your own web site to upload the files that came with the template.

    many web hosting providers have file managers that can be used to upload files - otherwise you will need to set up an FTP account and use a separate ftp program...

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