Can I make a text rpg game like Bitefight?

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  • Hi, before I get into it with all I got, just wanna ask if it is possible. Like to have multiple people create their own account, level their own account and attack with others via 'attack' button that works on mathematical basisand replys with who is winner and how much gold someone stole etc. Would be great if someone checked out bitefight to see what I mean.

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  • Looks like you are talking about a browser game.

    Creating an account and handling data on server side is out of the scope of Construct.

    Construct can help you with a client that will make it "nicer" to retrieve the data, display them, allow the player to have some interaction and send those interactions to your server.

    You will need a database, and handling an account system and scripts that will handle your games' interactions.

    From Construct you will likely need to retrieve and send informations from/to your server's database, by connecting to a dedicated server-side scripts using AJAX.

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