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  • It's obvious I've been sick for a week and haven't touched C3 - I can't remember anything.

    I'm making a little app to help my daughter learn sentence structure. She needs to drag the correct word to the space. When her finger comes off the text object it needs to tell her if she's wrong or right.

    Here's the problem, I can't remember how to program it. I need it to read: when the little finger comes off the text object and text instance 3 is overlapping the invisible object show the text correct.

    Else show Try Again.

    I'm trying to minimize the code so the text with the instance of 3 will always be correct, it will just be located in a different order each time.

    I know this isn't difficult, but for the life of me I can't remember how.

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  • If you're dragging words then you can use drag drop behaviour and use 'on dropped' and overlapping the other object.

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