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  • Hoping someone can help. I accidentally posted this to Construct2 and it is in Construct 3. I have an end game layout that is not updating. There are multiple portions which do not update. The animation for how many stars and the text box which either says "So close" or congratulates you on how many stars you have earned. I originally created the text box from scratch. When it didnt update I tried cloning the one I use for my timer as that works fine and renaming it to match the events. The text box still does not update. I have even tried deleting the layout and cloning one of the game layouts thinking it was a bug from the layout.

    I will attach a picture of the code. It is the EText box which is not updating before it goes to the EndGame layout when the timer hits 0. It also doesnt update in any of my other events, so I started with just getting this example working.

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  • You can't set the textbox contents before you call the layout - The layout will create a new instance.

    Create a global variable called MessageText or something, and set the variable where you are setting Etext now. Call the End layout and at the start of that layout, set Etext to MessageText.

  • Thank you for the help. This is working a lot better!

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