Is there a way to test with full screen on mobile?

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  • Hey everybody,

    I tried to find an answer to this but wasn't succesful. Remote Preview is really cool but I couldn't find a way to test the game full screen the way it would actually look when released. Is there a way to accurately preview a game on mobile without going through hoops and having to build, sign and so on? Am I missing something?

    Edit: To be exact - I can't get rid of the status and chrome adress bar on mobile which of course distorts the size of the preview. Adding the preview site to my homescreen doesn't change anything (whereas adding the construct 3 editor to the homsecreen gets rid of everything opening like an actual app).


  • You could try the browser object to your project, and add a button in your game to enter fullscreen mode.

    There is an action to request fullscreen in the browser object.

    Hope that helps

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  • Thank you so much, that did the trick!

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