"Test Ad" text showing on real ads with Google AdMob [SOLVED]

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  • Hello all,

    I was just about to get my game ready for release (in Beta in Play console) so I changed all my adunits from test ads to real ones.

    The ads work and serve up real ads, however, they all show "Test Ad" in a little grey box at the top center of each ad - just like test ads do.

    Is this expected since I am still in Beta and not released to the world on the play store? Or have i done something incorrectly?

    Searched but "test" is far too common of a phrase so I get no useful hits.

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  • Here is a screenshot I put on imgur showing the issue. Testers get other ads like Dell, Garden Scapes, fishdom, etc.all with the "test ad" at the top.


  • Welp this was my own doing.

    It seems I had the "test ad" flag set in Construct 3. So even though I was serving real ads it would overlay the "test ad" on it.

    Though real ads were served, no clicks were registered in AdMob, so I guess something happens in the backend so it knows.

    Unchecking this gets rid of the "test ad" overlay.

    <hangs head in shame>

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