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  • Hello developers.

    I am forming a small team to develop some games. How do I work with developer bad guys on the same project in Contruct 3 at the same time?

    I have always worked individually, but now that I need to share the tasks I have not found how to do it. I saw on the internet a complicated scheme using Construct 2 but in C3 it doesn't work.

    The processes would be for example. Each must display a different layout at the same time, or one does the player mechanics while another does the enemies. Only it would have to be at the same time. Each in a machine.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • I performed several tests today. Even using the newly released desktop version with folder-based design.

    Whenever the files were merged there was a conflict.

    It was not possible to work two people at the same time on the same project. It seems to me that Contruct is a tool for solo developer. Sad.

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  • The only way I found to work was as follows:

    Imagine that John and Peter are working on a GIT based versioning system.

    The master project should contain even the blank layout and its respective script sheet that John will work on. It should be the same for Peter.

    It is also necessary to be already created the objects that each one will use.

    So each one creates a branch of the master project for themselves. I work your layout and make your code I your files.

    In the end you can mix the projects with the master project.

    A conflict will occur in the [project.uistate.json] file, but it's not a big deal.

    It does not seem viable but it is a form I found.

  • It should be possible with some messing around since the layout and event files are all text based.

    First thing is you definitely should tell Git to ignore any UI state files. Those are specific to each user and is not meaningful to your overall project.

    Also, you don't need the desktop version actually. If you use Chrome version 78+ you can enable a folder based project structure by using the browser version. It's off by default so to enable it you have to turn on "Enable experimental features" from the settings menu. Read this forum post to learn more:

  • Yes. That's what I thought about GIT. But there is a problem.

    If John in his branch creates a new object and Jeff in his branch also creates an object, when joining john and jeff in the master a conflict occurs in the file [project.c3proj] because two new objects have been added to the same line "heberth_sprite" and "john_sprite".

    Even resolving the conflict here while trying to open the project again from the error.

    I will continue running some more tests.

  • It worked now. I will do more tests. And maybe even a tutorial.

  • Looking forward to a tutorial, thanks for doing the discovery work.

  • There's an existing official tutorial How to collaborate on projects with SVN. It's aimed at C2 and using SVN, but it should work similarly using both C3 with folder saves and Git.

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