How do I Tapping While Touching?

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  • Im new in Construct

    Now im gonna make my own games

    but i got stuck where i cant tapping a button while i touching another button.

    Touching is for charging my first hero

    and Tapping is for basic attacking second hero.

    But i cant even tapping while i touching.

    or. The touching is no longer touched when i touch another area.

    any idea?


    i use condition

    'On any touch end' & 'Is Touching'

    so i can make an action when no longer touched.

    so when i tap the attack button of second hero, the first hero no longer charging.

    please help. love you.

  • Replace "any touch end" with "is touching object" & "trigger once while true".

  • Thankyou for your time :)

    But i dont understand about "trigger once while true"

    is that a condition? or action?

    or and instance variable thing?

  • oops. i found the "trigger once while true"

    but it doesnt change anything.

    the charging button is no longer touched when i tapping anoter area.

    so when the true condition not met yet, and i tap another area, the charging button will no longer tapped.

    any idea?

    i try to insert this pic. hope you understand

    button 1 : is touched for charging

    button 2 : im going to tap for attacking

    doesnt matter if i touch button 2 while button 1 touched. if i touch any place on layout, the button 1 no longer touched.

    help me. love you

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  • First thing, you should provide your c3p project.

    Without seeing what and how you did things in the project, it is hard to help out.

    Secondly it is not very clear what you are trying to do, nevertheless, here is an attempt at a project that should do it.

    Example file

  • oops. its actually my fault. it works. thanks for help :))

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