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  • Hey guys,

    I am working on a game where i need to register the amount of taps.

    The way i use it:

    Every Tick > Set Text "TapAmount" to Global Variable "Taps"

    On tap > MyObject > Substract 1 from Global Variable "Taps"

    Somehow the amount of taps isn't calculated correct and it looks like it can only register one tap each 0.5 second'ish.

    Is there a way to ignore any "cooldown" between taps? If a user can tap 10 times in 1 second i want to substract my variable 10 times.

    If i hit my mouse button very quickly now it will only register like 3 clicks a sec.

    If i slowly tap it will go as; tap, not registering, tap, not registering, tap etc.

    If i quick tap it will go as; tap, not registering, not registering, tap , not registering, not registering, tap.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Hey Allardje

    I suspect that if you use tap gestures, quick click / tap always counts as a double tap and not as a single tap.

    Thus, the condition of a single tap is not met.

    I also advise to update the text in the same event and not every tick. This is better for performance.

    Try this:

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  • Thanks man! Works perfectly.

    As far as the Each Tick concern it's actually the way to go for this project. This variable changes every tick because of other factors in the game. Therefore it's finally allowed for once

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