Tank Turret comes off of it's pin location

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  • I have a problem with using a family of four vehicles (tanks), having families of turrets and hulls or bases as some call them. The turrets will extend past the layout and the hull becomes stuck not able to continue with the patrol setup. I have the hull family setup with the proper stay inside layout boundary but I see no stay inside boundaries for the turret. I tried going outside the family of turrets and set one with stay inside boundary but when it hit the stop point it dislodged from the hull and the hull continued past the turret, normal since it is shorter but the hull did finish it's time out and continued the patrol and the turret re pinned itself and was correct once the hull resumed movement away from the boundary.. If I remove that behavior from the turret it will make the hull get stuck as the turret bumps the boundary again and extends over the layout boundary. I am missing something here for sure but can't seem to understand what needs to be done. Any hints would be nice.



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  • I have checked on this question a couple times over the past couple days. I would love to be able to help you solve this but unfortunately, without access to your project, I don't think you'll be getting an answer. Can you post your project so I can take a look at what is going on and try to help you solve it?

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