How do I sync user uploaded file [multiplayer object]?

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  • Hi,

    I am wondering if it's possible to do this.

    Host uploads a custom image via FileChooser

    This sprite is then synced to the peers in the game so they can see the custom file as well.

    I tried coding it, but it only shows up on the hosts side.

    Any ideas on how to implement this idea?

    An example of what this would look like in game:

    Host is playing my pong game.

    They want to replace the pong paddle with an image of their face.

    They upload an image via FileChooser

    This new image would then be shared to the peer

    So, in this example, anyone joining my pong room instance would see my stupid face as the pong paddles, instead of the default pong sprite.

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  • I never use FileChooser or Multiplayer by Construct but if you already sync the "paddle" sprite then if you just use the same "paddle" sprite with Load image from URL instead of trying to sync a new sprite should work.

    But is just a theory because i never use this plugins.

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