How do I sync animations in multiplayer?

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  • I'm working on a turn based board game, and I'm a bit baffled on how to sync objects in multiplayer. There's no animation state changes in the C3 multiplayer tutorials, and searching turned up nothing. I found a C2 tutorial that triggers animation changes on key-press, so I don't quite get how to make it automatically update.

    On start-up, host syncs a variable "CAnimationState" on the "peg" object.

    Basically the process for a non-host playing a piece:

    -Send a message to the host telling them the XY coordnates and player #

    -Host creates the object with the correct color on their board (working so far)

    -Client creates the synced object (Also working)

    -On creation if non-host, make the newly created object's animation equal to it's CAnimationState.

    (This condition is triggering, But it looks like the variable is empty).

    Am I syncing the variable wrong?

    (Again, I don't feel comfortable sharing the .cap since it's for a client, so not my game, but I can provide more info if needed.)


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