How do I switch Xbox profiles?

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  • Hi. I finally could test my Xbox game in Visual Studio and log in to my test account via Xbox Live. But there seems to be no sign out action to swtich profiles on Xbox. I tried Sign in again but nothing seems to happen and no error message from the Xbox plugin appears. How can I sign out and sign in with another profile?

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    Have you found a solution for this? I've got this problem as well and haven't found a way to fix it.

  • rayray No. Seems you need to close the game. Sign in with another profile and then start the game again.

    Using the profile selection most other games use would be nice. But I dont know if this is possible with a plugin update.

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    That's currently how it's working for me in order that change profiles. It's a shame you can't switch profiles without having to exit the game.

    Have you managed to get Xbox Live working for your apps by any chance? I'm trying to get it to work for my apps but all i can do is sign in. If i try to open leaderboard, it crashes for me and i get an error if i try to retrieve user profile.

    I was wondering whether you've successfully got this working and could offer some help to get it working for me.

  • rayray Hi. I had problems submitting scores a few weeks ago but it seems it was fixed by Microsoft. Getting Leaderboars, submitting scores and getting profile info works fine for me. I use Construct 3 and the latest Visual Studio Community with the Win10 UWP SDK.

    Did you install the Microsoft.Xbox.Live.SDK.WinRT.UWP package and assign it to the store entry? ... n-uwp-apps

    I have crashes on startup quite often but restarting the game 1-2 times usually is enough to fix it and the game did only crash when the construct loading icon with the progress bar is shown.

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    I have installed Microsoft.Xbox.Live.SDK.WinRT.UWP package and assigned it to the store.

    I have Xbox Live working as I'm able to sign in to an account, the problems occur after that. Once signed in, i can't access the leaderboard as the app crashes/closes when i do so. When i try to retrieve the user profile, i get a runtime error. I created a thread about this here ( but have yet to solve the issue.

    I'm using Construct 2 & Visual Studio Community 2015. I tried using VS 2017 but it says project incompatable when i try to open the project after export.

    Did you do anything different to the XBox plugin tutorial on here?

  • rayray For opening in VS 2017, try editing your .jsproj file like I wrote here:

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  • rayray For opening in VS 2017, try editing your .jsproj file like I wrote here:

    That's great, thanks. Managed to open my project in VS2017 now.

    Unfortunately, this hasn't solved the leaderboard issue yet. Still getting an exception error in c2runtime.js when trying to access the leaderboard.

  • I dont get a crash or error when I use GetLeaderboard. And I did not add other packages and just followed the tutorial to add the Nuget pack and assign it to the store.

    Did you check if the Xbox Live Plugin has the right values assigned in Construct? The game IDs you get from the Xbox Live service page in Dev Center.

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