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  • Just like going through a gallery on your phone.

    How do you get the images to stop on the next frame.

    This will be just like swiping a kindle book or something.

    Also I would like it to "slide" into frame and not just appear.

    So far what I use is

    Self.AnimationFrame +1

    Right now I touch it and it goes through all 20 frames. i want the person to chose when they are ready for the next page so it should stop on the next frame.

  • if there is a frame on screen, then you can't have the next frame slide on - unless it is a separate sprite. (you could alternate between two instances of the same object to achieve that)

    if you are advancing the frame while it is in touch, that will event will get executed 60 times a second, so it will flip through 20 frames in less than half a second.

    it gets a little tricky... do you want to swipe one way to get to the next frame, and swipe the other way to go to the previous frame? does the speed of the swipe matter? what happens if you start to swipe but then stop?

  • Well I'm making flash cards for my daughter so the first frame would be like

    1x0= blank

    the second frame would be

    1x0=0 for the answer

    and I have like 20 frames for each number 1-9

    to add to that, i want to make a button for random() but still has to be in pairs. and a button for menu meaning you go to a menu and chose a number 1-9

    like if shes having a hard time with 5's that day.

  • Thanks but I think I'm just going to use text boxes and arrays instead of a bunch of images.

  • Cool Thank you.

  • Oh I like that, took me a second to figure out how it works but nice.

  • I had made a sample yesterday too, but since you said you were going in a different direction I didn't post it...

    but since Kyatric did, I thought I would too. :) I use two instances of a sprite "Pages" so that the next frame can slide over the current visible one. It is very snappy - I thought about using tweens but decided I liked that you can slide a page on slowly if you want, or quickly. if you slide the page less than 1/3 of the way on the screen, it goes back off-screen.


  • I will take all the examples I can get Thank you!

    *looked at it Wow that's really neat.

    ok Another Question then.

    So I will have two images for every problem like this

    and the next one like this with the answer.

    wow to large.

    So instead of one thing there are two thing for every problem.

    I want to do the menu like numbers 1-9 which I think i can get,

    but how would I do random with two images?

    So far I have made for every number 9 animations with 2 frames each.

    how would I random them so the answer is with the problem?

    Heres the start of what im doing https://www.dropbox.com/s/nedulx8qaqfn3hd/multiplyflashcards.c3p?dl=0

  • to do a random order, and not have duplicates, you normally would put the numbers in an array, shuffle the array and then remove the number as it is chosen. Since you only want to choose a question, not an answer, you would put the even number frames in the array: 0,2,4,6,8...

    I had a couple ideas I wanted to try last night - I will take a crack at it tonight. Rather than have a separate layout for each times table, I would use one, and just pick the appropriate sprites. I also wanted to try pinning a sprite font to a blank card too - so that it would be easy to expand up to 12x or any other number, and allow addition, subtraction, division.

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  • For your randomise without duplicates issue, you can use the Advanced Random plugin.

    The permutation table method explained in the manual should do the work.

    Or check this post : https://www.construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/how-do-i-8/randomize-without-repeating-147393#forumPost990032

    Please keep this thread about the original topic.

    For a new question, please make a new thread.

  • here is what I came up with...

    I use a blank card, which is a container that has the sprite fonts for the numbers required (this automatically picks them when a card is picked). Without a separate card image for every question and answer, the game is a lot smaller in size.

    swipe from the right to reveal answers, next question...

    when you swipe from the left, it goes back to the last question (it doesn't go back to an answer).

    after testing for a bit, the swiping gets a little tiring... might want to thing about a tap to reveal the answer on the current card, and then a swipe for the next card.

    if you wanted to go up to 12x tables, you would have to shrink the font. I tried making the font proportionally spaced so that more characters could be displayed, but I thought it is batter to keep digits in fixed columns to help reinforce that the columns matter.

    the Symbol sprite has animations for division, addition and subtraction - so it wouldn't be hard add extra modes from the menu layout...


  • Thanks everyone. Sorry about going off topic.

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