How to make sure the right tile is clicked ( ISOMetric )

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  • Hey guys,

    I am working on a isometric game and i kinda bumped into a "tap" issue.

    My whole game is isometric with depth. Meaning that each block will be overlayed with another leaving only a tiny corner left as not overlayed.

    These blocks are interactive and people should be able to select a single block. I am not sure how to code it this way that only the tapped block will be selected.

    As for layering all of my rows are on seperate layers. All numbers and all blocks have the same number as the layer. Not sure if i can do something with that?

    This is how it is build:

    Any one here having suggestions?

    Isometric is really breaking my brain here since there are so many overlaps.

    What it actually should do, in simple terms is: When touch on Block do Action Deny all underlying objects.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Jesus christ just as i went back into Construct 3 i found the "Pick top instance" option.

    Now i just have to cross my fingers that i worked perfectly from left to right as it picks is on Z-Index.

  • "Pick closest" would be the most accurate, but also a little complicated as you would need to convert to iso coordinates.

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