How do I make a "Super Mario" grow animation show up during movement?

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  • My issue is that with the platform behavior I have it set to IF MOVING, show RUN animation or ELSE show IDLE animation. I have a grow animation going between two states but it won't run because the sprite is still moving, and therefore shows the run animation.

    How do I temporarily freeze the character to let the animation run before restoring movement?

    I've tried several things (including making gravity and deceleration 0) and even disabling platform altogether and had unexpected outcomes.

    Thanks for any advice.

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  • You can use/create a boolean variable lets say "Grow" and check IF MOVING AND GROW is false show "Run".

    When the player collide with the bonus item turn the "Grow" to true to release your player from the current animation and play the Grow animation.

    After that on animation Grow finish turn the "Grow" to false again to continue play the run animation.

  • Thank you so much! That worked PERFECTLY!

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