Suggestion for, Octopath Traveler Battle Action Camera?

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    Was making a RPG, sideview battle.

    Very impressed with Octopath Traveler Battle Scene Action Camera.

    trying to replicate it in Contruct 3.

    have few rough idea, but i am quite new with Contruct 3, need any senior here can share with me, how would you do it?

    My Requirement :

    1) Smooth Zoom with skill applied on monster.

    ( My Solution :

    every tick

    > Scroll to x ( x = a tween number )

    > Scale Layer to X ( x = another tween number )

    2) Skew on 2D Monster sprite ( when zoom in Octopath Traveler )

    i repeatly watch OP (octopath traveler) Battle Scene,

    it applied some Skew

    [ My Solution : Mesh distrotion? ]

    3) Screen Blend Effect ( together with skill )

    - the background will blend with different effect according spell use

    [My Solution : Layer Effect : AdjustHSL ]

    havnt have much experience with blend. have any other useful blend type can achieve various effects?

    Your suggestion are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Tweening will work well for pan and zoom. I don't see any skew applied in the video, and it's probably not worth implementing mesh distortion for it. Even in your example image if you took off the border, it would be pretty difficult to tell the difference. You would probably get more impact with parallax and scale rate.

    Blending and effects are all up to you to experiment and design around. This is an entire career for people, to utilize existing effects and program new ones. Particles are very commonly used in conjunction with effects to achieve a wide variety of visual results.

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  • oosyrag, thanks for your time for reply, and your suggestion.

    will update here if i made some progress. Thanks.

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