Successfully transport player movements on layout change

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  • Hi all,

    I recently was successful in getting the player for my game to change layouts by using this tutorial video as a guide

    The problem now is that when my character changes layouts all of her movements don't come over, like for example I can only see her back and she is constantly walking in place on that layout. I thought initially that maybe taking the movements from the previous layout events and putting them in the new one would resolve the issue, but this didn't work (of course).

    Any ideas? Would appreciate any assistance.

  • The 'controls' group of events or whatever your equivalent is will need to be linked to all the layouts. My guess is your layout 2 uses a different event sheet. You can 'include' the event sheet linked to layout 1 on the event sheet for layout 2. Right-click 'include event sheet'.

  • I did that, but for some reason when I do that my character doesn't show up in frame. I thought maybe it was because my camera was on the same event sheet as the character movement, so I tried just moving my character movement section over to the second event sheet and it did the same thing, like I can't see the character at all, its so odd.

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  • I'll take another look at my configuration tonight to see what I can figure out.

  • In debug view you can select the character object to see where it is and if it's in the expected location. If that's correct then it's to do with where the camera is positioned I guess. It'll be an easy fix somewhere, if you can't work it out then share the game file.

  • Okay will do, thank you!

  • Yeah, I've tried for a few hours now to get it working. Below is a link to my project file, please review when you can. I could use all the help I can get xD.

  • You'll find there are 2 problems :

    1. You included the universal event sheet but this is not the one with the controls on, you need to also include the other event sheet main game event

    2. When you include the other event sheet the player will break because of the 'pin' action on start of layout. You need to add to this also female_main set position to player because it looks like the player box moves position but not the visual character.

  • Sorry for the late response, had not had time to test. I did today, I included the Universal_Event Sheet and the Main Game Event in the House event sheet and the player breaks as it should. But I'm not understanding your other set of advice I think. Are you saying I should be doing something like the below? If not can you clarify a bit further or give me an example screenshot?

    I appreciate your help!

  • Female_main set position to an object (player), then pin

  • Omg that fixed it. Thank you so much :) I really appreciate the help.

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