How do I successfully eliminate lag from a project when jumping around layouts?

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  • This is something that isn't happening all the time, but we have a testing mechanic that allows us to jump between layouts.

    When that happens, there is quite a noticeable delay between an input and movement. This doesn't happen at all anywhere else.

    Looking in the CPU profiler, it doesn't look too intense and it does calm down over time. But is there a way where I can drill down and see exactly what events are causing spikes?

    Can you see what objects are causing them?

  • Lag between layouts is usually caused by the loading of textures into memory. Either reduce the amount of textures used in the layouts, or don't use layouts for anything you need smooth movement across. You can teleport to a different area of the same layout instead.

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  • Depends on what you're trying to do by "jumping between layouts" because at the very least there's probably a way to fake it that is a lot easier on the hardware.

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