How do I subtract from a different variable, each time my health variable reduces by a set amount ?

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  • Hi all,

    Im wanting to link a Subhealth variable to my Health variable, so that each time my health is reduced by an amount, the Subhealth variable is reduced by an different amount.

    Both the health and subhealth start at the same number.

    i have got this working, but its a very long winded way of doing it by checking the health number and setting the subhealth number.

    is there a way to do this much simpler, maybe based on a percentage of the health? and how would i even work out a percentage of my max health would be?

    sorry if this all sound a bit dumb, im new to all this.


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  • The subhealth is reduced by a different amount, what amount? You must know as you said you have it working in a longwinded way.

  • Yeah I was overthinking the problem at hand. Slept on it and found a better way of giving me what I was after.

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