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  • I looked around a little bit and saw that it was possible to publish these games on the Xbox store. Now I did just start Construct3 last night so bare with me if I am jumping the gun...

    My goal is to make a space MMO, the MMO part can come later, but I would like to at some point publish the Alpha game to Xbox to allow players to play the game and see what I am working on.

    Is this possible to do ASAP to allow users to see the game as it is being built, or would it be best to wait till the game has some structure?

  • Even if in-work you still have to submit and get certified so it has to at least appear like a playable game of some sort.

    but you can submit as beta and select closed private testing groups.

    it is all here.

    however as C3 outputs HTML JS you can allways host your game online for free while it is in development

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  • Thanks for the insight. Me and my partner settled for keeping it on PC for the time being. At least until we have come up with a stable game with more than just shooting a dumb AI similar to asteroids.

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