How do I style a text input using a font from the project?

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  • ..or am I limited to using standard web fonts?


  • Not too sure if there is an easier way of doing this, but you could do it with a relatively simple script

    	// Get the url for the font in the project files
    	const fontUrl = await runtime.assets.getProjectFileUrl("project-font-name-goes-here.woff2");
    	// Create a FontFace object. Make sure to use the correct font format, in this example it's "woff2"
    	const fontFace = new FontFace("ExampleFont", `url(${fontUrl}) format("woff2")`);
    	// Load the font
    	const font = await fontFace.load();
    	// Add the font to the document
    	// Apply the fontFamily style to your input element
    	document.querySelector("#myInput").style.fontFamily = "ExampleFont";
    catch (e)
    	console.log("something went wrong");

    Instead of applying the style directly after loading the font, you could create a stylesheet in Project -> Files and then load it using the Load stylesheet action of the Browser Plugin.

    The stylesheet would look something like this

    		font-family: "ExampleFont";

    After the font is loaded, the style will take effect.

    Here is an example project doing all of that.

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  • Great. Thank You!

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