Stuck on Game Save Slot ( testing)

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  • Trying to get my game to have an autosave when a level is completed so that if the player returns, they can then choose to "Continue" where they left off.

    So, at the end of a level I have this Save function:

    That should do it eh?

    So when the player returns, the local storage checks to see if the information exists. If it does then it should position the "Continue" text in the proper spot, on screen.

    And when the player clicks it...

    It loads them to where they left off. Right?

    I've uploaded my game to with an "in development" status so only I can see it, I've played the game on the Google Chrome browser and it's not saving. What step am I missing?

  • Does it work well in preview? Try pressing F12 in the browser an check console log for any errors.

    It's odd that you are saving the game at the end of the level, before creating all those objects. So when player chooses to continue, all those delayed actions will run again. It would make more sense to save at the beginning of the next level.

  • Are you calling "Check item exists" when the layout starts? "On item exists" is only called if you check it first.

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  • dop2000 Why would I save at the end of the level rather than the beginning? haha. Wow. More often than not, the solutions to my problems seem obvious in hindsight. It's so easy to get "in the weeds" with the code and it's so easy to take simple game mechanics for granted. After moving the save point to the start of the level (start of layout)

    and adding the "Check item exists" at the start of the Menu as blackhornet suggested,

    it all works properly, just tested it on and the "Continue" option positions itself when I return to the page.

    Thanks for reaching out ya'll. I DO only post after I read a number of posts on the subject and can't seem to figure it out

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