Struggling with characters stats

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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to create a little game with 3 characters(dungeoncrawling type).

    I have the simple to idea to let the player choose 3 different players at the start and every player at its own stats.Theses stats could be upgraded if th player find better sword,armor etc.

    I managed to do it with instance variable and this command in a very very small prject just only for testing purpose :

    Now I'm trying to make these stats in a dictionnary because lot told me its better for save system.

    I was therefore inspired by the demonoire file which is in demo on the construct site but when the defaultdatasave is loaded, it takes by default P0 instead of checking the choice (which will be P0, P1, P2) according to the choice of the player on the character selection screen.

    Here some image of the loading/saving system.

    So the problem is :whatever I try, at launch with a new game only the the defaultsavesystem_PO is used(and take only the first character and its own stats) and whatever the choice made on the select character screen.This feature work on another small project with local variable and without a save system ^^

    I'm hopping you can help figure it out ^^

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  • I don't see an action on your screenshots which saves the dictionary to Local Storage:

    Local Storage Set "SaveData" to Dictionary.AsJSON

    Also, just a suggestion - instead of hard-coding all stats for three players in events, you can create 3 dictionary files in the project and load the file for selected player with AJAX.

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