How do I streamline retrieving sound files?

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  • I think Construct is amazingly streamlined in so many areas; in that I can just plug and play numbers or file names and it can make a pretty intuitive leap in the right direction (which makes my life easier). This applies for things like pairing frame numbers to variables, and.. others.

    Maybe i'm missing something, but the audio section doesn't seem to be as awesome in this area? I've had to go through and manually choose the files from a list for each sound (my game has hundreds). Like this:

    Is there a way around this? I would love to be able to just pull an audio clip based on a variable, and not have to manually wire up each possible connection.

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  • You can play and preload by name.

  • You can play and preload by name.

    But that's what I mean by it not being 'streamlined'. I would love to be able to just type '1...' and have it give me a list of potential matches, but it doesnt do this. I would have to write out the entire name for it to pull the correct sound.

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