Strange problem while spawning.

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  • For the first time since I actually started using construct, I have a problem I can't seem to find anywhere in the forums. Actually, it might be a bug or me doing someone I shouldn't.

    This is why I think I should clarify if it isn't a problem on my side before reporting a bug

    When I use spawn as in the image below the spawn, something strange happens: it creates an instance for each existing instance of the object at its position.

    Is it just me overlooking something right under my nose or should I report it as a bug?

  • It's doing what you told it to. If the the first event doesn't pick anything, then all Box1s are picked, and then spawn. Just don't use spawn, and create the object at the touch coordinates.

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  • I don't know how I included the level 2 event sheet in the level 1 one.

    I didn't notice it because I didn't remember doing it.

    It's not the first time it's happening though, and I don't think my mouse is responsible for it. Maybe a bug not related to it?

    Anyway, my bad for missing something so important while trying to find out how it could happen.

    Sorry for disturbing.

    EDIT: do you know how to close threads?

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