Very strange audio problem!

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  • Hey guys! I'm having a very weird issue with my sfx and i really can't get what the cause might be.

    To make it simple, i have 8 bonus items in my game and each of them, on collision with player and if sound variable is positive, should generate a sound (same sound for all of them). Now the thing is, it only works with 2 of them! All the others don't play the sound on collision, and the events are exactly the same for all of them:

    Player-> on collision with "bonus1"

    System-> sound="on" => play

    "sound" no loop

    Please somebody help me, this is driving me crazy 😂 thanks for your time everyone!

  • Could be anything - collisions disabled, event not getting executed (because it's part of some other triggered event for example), or maybe there are other events that override or stop playback of this audio.

    Could you share your project file?

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  • I kinda solved this with a little work around: i check the condition that verifies when player hits the bonus, so i basically said If player bounus= true and sound="on" => play sound

    It worked but if someone knows what the main problem could be let me know, i still can't get over it lol. Cheers guys

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