How do I stop the "URL" variable of the share feature to be an URL?

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  • Hello,

    Let me explain :D

    I am working on my export feature to save local stored calendar input data as text, so people can get their inputs somewhere saver than local storage.

    Until know I asked people to select, copy and paste their data from a textbox. Depending on the OS this can sometimes be a bit awkward. So I try and use the share feature. This, depending on the OS, works quiet well, when forwarding the Text: ExportTextBox.Text e.g. via whatsapp or an email.

    But so many OS' have a "copy" button that looks very convenient for this, but it only copies the URL... now I tried to simply also make the LINK the text from the ExportText BUT it actually makes an URL out of it (see screenshots).

    Does anybody have an idea on how to get around this and have the URL be actually just plain text (without the https:.. and the %20 and keep my linebreaks?

    Have a great day!



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  • If you don't need to send the url, have you tried setting it to an empty string "" ?

  • I have. The issue is that behind the "copy" feature of most OS' hides the copy URL functionality :D

    So the intended user behaviour is: oh I want to export my user data and simply copy paste it somewhere safe. But when you select "copy" it just gives you the URL.

    So my work around was to put the user data as a string in both - the text and the URL field. But this leads to the explained issue.

  • Doubt this is any help, but it looks URLencoded. Is there any way to use URLdecode to get the URL format closer to something usable? Perhaps you could do a regex expression afterwards to get it back into the proper format?

  • This does sound exactly like what I was looking for. I will give it a google :) Thank you!

  • jsutton

    I didn't find much in time on your suggestion BUT I did it this way now :) and for anybody who wants to export local storage as text :D this is so much better than the share plugin and asking users to forward this stuff via e-mail for example.

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