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  • I have a couple of buttons that the user selects an answer from. When an answer is selected there's a 0.2 second gap before the answer screen is displayed. But this 0.2 second gap is enough time for the user to also select another answer.

    Currently I have...

    Touch > On touched button01 > stuff happens...

    Touch > On touched button02 > stuff happens...

    How do cancel or pause any further Touch commands on button01 or button02 once an answer has been selected?

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  • Many possible solutions.

    You can add a variable "TouchEnabled", set it to 1 when the game starts. Change your event to this:

    On button1 touched

    (and) TouchEnabled=1 -> Set TouchEnabled=0 ; do stuff

    Then set TouchEnabled to 1 again when you are ready to ask the next question.

    Also, I suggest you use "On tap object" for buttons.

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