How do I Stop All Screen Actions Upon Death?

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  • Hi,

    I'm making a platformer with various moving enemies etc. on screen.

    When the player hits one and dies... i'd like all movement to stop on the screen while the player dies (he currently flies off the screen using a bullet& gravity combination).

    I know I can individually stop each action, such as stopping platform tweens, stopping enemy movement, stopping platform timers etc. etc.

    I just wondered if there was a way to stop all movement apart from my player death animation?

    I've tried set Timeframe to 0, but of course that stops the player death animation too.

    Thanks for any help.

  • I'd suggest making families of objects that you want to pause, which don't include the player, and setting their time scale to zero.

    You might be able to set the entire time scale to zero, and then restore the player object time scale only, but I'm not sure if that works.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Is the time scale a behaviour for families?

    I can't find the option to set the timescale for a family group?

  • No, it's a System action - "Set object times cale". When you need to un-pause, use "Restore object time scale".

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  • It is a system action. Scroll down to the 'Time' category and you will see three options:

    Set Time Scale

    Set Object Time Scale

    Restore Object Time scale

    EDIT: Dop beat me by mere seconds :)

  • So that means I can't control the timescale of families as stated in the first reply?

    That's what's confusing me, I've paused everything at system level but that doesn't help continue my player death animation.

    Thanks again for any help.

  • Use set object timescale and select your family.

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