How do I stop my quiz skipping questions?

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  • I'm creating a multi-answer quiz and have realised that if the question is answered with 1 second to go, it skips a question.

    I've attached an image to show my events and I have a 2 second wait before calling the next question so I think it could be this that's causing the issue but I need a minimum of 2 seconds to show the player the answer they have selected and then to show whether it's right or wrong.

    I've attempted to use 'wait for signal' but I'm not sure how this works and can't find any tutorials to explain.

  • This isn't all the events. They shouldn't be answering it during the wait so make sure the timer has finished before the wait and they cannot answer anything. Even if 1 second to go before the wait it should be fine? I also don't see a variable set, it is good to lock out player input with a variable so you know when they can and cannot do something like answer the question.

  • You're right, that's not all the events (I couldn't fit them all into my screenshot).

    The player should be allowed to answer even with one second left but I think the question number variable is being added to during the wait which is causing the skip but I'm not sure how to stop this, any ideas?

  • What I mean is it's not all the important events that we need to see, even the start of this one. Is it running every tick? If so the wait won't work properly. Check in debug view if it's adding to the variable at the wrong time.

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  • Thanks Lionz. I've realised where I'm going wrong now - the question number variable is being added to after the player answers a question and it's also being added to when the countdown variable is equal to or less than zero. I need both of these within the project but how do I get it to only add one if the player has answered when the countdown variable is equal to zero?

  • If timer is 0, trigger once, add 1 to question number.

    if player answers question, set timer to 0.

  • Got it! Works perfectly now - thanks a lot Lionz!! :)

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