How do I stop my player sliding when I airdash into a wall.

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  • ok so as far as I can tell, the code I've got for my air dash, and wall grab is the same for going left or right, with the only difference being the angle set of my airdash and what wall is next to you.

    But for some reason if I airdash into a wall on my right, I stick to it (Like I want to happen) but if I airdash into a wall on the left I slide up it for the length of the airdash

    can anyone see what is causing the difference here cause I'm stumped?

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  • I don't think it has anything to do with the logic you presented. In the gif I see a green sprite which I assume your using as a detection block, I do the same, You must find a reason for it to behave differently when hitting while character is right.

  • here is a simple wall grab using the C3 platform behavior only

    In order to tweak it to grab instead of slide, just set max fall speed to 0 when has wall left or right.

  • ,

    Sorry I should have gotten rid of that to make it more clear, the green detection block is used for a completely different function, I thought that it might be doing something weird and deleted it completely and it still behaves exactly the same.

    That's pretty similar to how much wall jump works at the moment, the extra stuff is because I've got it set so when you grab a wall you have to hold away from the wall and hit jump to be able to jump off, and you can hold down while grabbed onto the wall to slide down etc.

    I actually tried completely getting rid of all my wall jump code all together and just leaving the airdash code in there and it still behaves the same way, so the wall jump stuff apparently has nothing to do with it.

  • i ended up changing the airdash to using "Set X vector" stuff instead of bullet behaviors, and it is working fine now.

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