How do I stop a persistent animation?

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  • In the Snubs Fight I am making, for some reason after the mantis shrimps are destroyed (which would normally just set Snubs to "smirk" animation), the "throw down" animation, which should have been deactivated after the mantis shrimps disappeared, keeps flashing while the other animation plays at the same time and it would not obey the rest of the coding like the "animal fact" should have disappeared

    it is really hard to explain but you will know once you see it, but I don't know how to either put a screenshot of the code here or send the link to the actual game itself. I also can't just make a video about it since I am on my school computer and I could not send a video from my phone to it and I tried to take a video of it on my laptop but construct won't allow it in. I also tried to publish my project but the font I was using apparently was not compatible and I need it since Sans from Undertale spoke in the font Comic Sans while Snubs is going to talk in SnubNose (yes that is actually a real font), and when I tried to convert the file it did not work. If anyone can help me, please do, since I am just a 14 years old boy who is loosing his sanity.

  • good for you for trying! there is a lot to learn... so keep trying.

    it is a lot easier to help if we can see your project. So you should look into getting dropbox.

    something in your code is trying to restart that one animation but impossible to say why without seeing the code.

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  • now I just posted my coding except I got rid of the Snub Nose font for now.

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