How do I stop objects from sliding while walking?

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  • Hi I have a problem where when I walk my character, objects on different tile maps on various layers as well as sprites will kind of slide while the camera moves to follow the player. This is only happening on one of my layouts and I can not figure out what is different from the other ones where objects are fixed in there proper location. Thank you for any help.

  • Probably, parallax is set to 0 on those layers.

  • Thank you, the parallax was at 100% x 100% for all of them, but I did click the parallax in editor and that fixed the problem. I'm not entirely sure why, I thought when you preview the game it is no longer in editor mode. But anyways thanks so much!

  • Well I still have the problem with the sprites moving not appropriately. I will have to play around with those now.

  • Ok so apparently it was because I had those sprites on different z levels. I put them all on z level 0 and just adjusted there layer appropriately and it fixed it. So if this happens when you use say z level 1 for something, could someone let me know why this happens? Why would I want to use z level 1 for something for example?

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  • Z-level is a pseudo 3d feature, allowing objects to appear closer or farther from the 'camera'.

    You may be looking for z-order or layers, to have them on the same plane, but appearing in front of or behind each other. There are system and common actions to all objects to work with z-order or layer.

  • That makes sense. Thank you for explaining that.

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