How do I stop a loop in an array???

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  • Hi everyone! I really need help. My project requires that I have an array that randomizes and never repeats.

    I found this fantastic tutorial on shuffling arrays, and it works! However, the shuffling never stops, and I need it to stop in order to use the randomization to create the sprites I need that are associated with each array value. Then I can delete values so that I can avoid repetition (if I'm reading the tutorials right). Does anyone know how to stop a loop that was created within an array? Here is my event sheet. Thank you! :)

  • You have a trigger once, should just run one time ?

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  • why don't you make the for loop a sub event of on start of layout?

  • Lions_

    I was thinking of trying to trigger one only for a specific signal that I would add later, but I haven't gotten that far yet. I should have removed that before taking the screenshot since its confusing :)

  • Bartalluyn,

    Thank-you! I'd never heard of sub-events before. I looked it up, tried it, and it worked swimmingly. I'm very new to all this, and was thrilled to see this work so well. Thank you so much! :)

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