How do I stop this happening?

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  • my problem is...

    i am learning (or attempting to learn construct, I'm doing alright...

    what I'm not doing is knowing why after game start, the "food" just 'spawns' the disappears.

    it was working fine when each colour food was its own asset, 'eat' 1 "food", that "food" and only that one got "destroyed". But i had a brain wave to use 1 asset, but spawn it as different animations... but it doesn't even seem like anything has to eat it for it to be "destroyed", they just spawn, few second later they're gone.

    I'm at a complete loss a to what is happening.

    Only thing i can think of is I've been hacked by the troll that lives under the bridge and eats goats... But I imagine that is quite unlikely...

    Essentially, do i need to revert back to the 3 individual assets, or is there something I'm not seeing?

    Also, while I'm here with my... master piece? out there for all to laugh at, how do i make the we'll call it 'AI' the "loS" movement more... fluid? is it possible to eradicate the 'thinking' time between reached object and found another. Much like on the small game you may have heard of called or something like that? *shifty eye face*

    I have looked for the first issue i have, but it seems very specific, so cant find a damned thing. the second, I admit I haven't looked yet, but though I'd through it out there

    My masterpiece is linked below (or should be) if it helps

    thank you


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  • Hi, I may be able to help with the food thing. Be handy to have a screenshot of your events though.

    "Try setting the animation speed to 0.

    Or make your tile map solid.

    Or take physics off if it's a behavior on the food.

    It does sound like an animation thing though. Post a capx. I probably can help.

    With the movement thing, I play about with the platform settings to make it more fluid. But I'm guessing you know about this?

    Hope this helps 😏

  • I tried to link one, but failed...

    How do I do that XD


  • Take a screenshot of the events.

    Like this... Done on my phone

    Also do one of the layout and let me know what behaviours you have assigned :-)

  • I tried to link one, but failed...

    How do I do that XD


  • Behaviours i have on obj_player are; Bullet, BoundToLayout and ScrollTo

    on the obj_enemy (all three): LineOfSight, PathFinding and BoundToLayout

    food has none.

    and the background is a "tiled" asset, 1 solid image, not tilemap.

  • sorry missed a screenshot out... this is the third section of event sheet

  • Jesus dude, I thought you said you are a begginer lol. You seem to know exactly what you are doing. You are prob on par or know more than me.

    However, it seems like an issue with the animation. Have you tried to set animation frame?, or self. Animinationframecount+1?

    I always use instance variables on all my animations, but you have quite a lot going on here buddy and to be honest I think this may be a little above me. So sorry.

  • haha, its all good, i feel like a beginner at least, seems like im getting stuck on everything.

    although, making background solid seemed to have solved my vanishing food.

    now just gotta try and work on the Enemy movement... or ArtificalIgnorance as i like to call it... buncha morons, just all move to the bottom left edge, and stay there, and i have no idea why... yet i know the LoS and Pathfinding works, cos i have an extra light blue enemy spawn in and goes around collecting his munchies... just, very robotically...

    morons, all on em...

    thank you for what you did help with, that disappearing food was doing my nut it...

    at least my screenshots on here for someone else to have gander at.

  • Ha, no problem man. I feel your pain. Ai is tough. I know the basics but will be delving into it this week for my boss.

    If I find anything particularly usefull I will let you know. But I feel this is gonna be a struggle.

    Bloody ai!

    I'm sure a veteran will step in to help :-)

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