How do I stop my fall animation.

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  • Hey gang! This is my first post so thanks for any help you can provide. I wanted to have a fall animation so on my event sheet:

    player < Platform is falling < set animation to "FALL" (play from beginning)

    Then I added the sub event: system < trigger once.

    This isn't working and when my character starts falling he wont stop.

    I even added: player < platform landed < set animation to "IDLE"

    Any help would greatly be appreciated!!

  • Hiya, the trigger once sounds redundant and I think you've put it in the wrong place. This sounds like it should work though, when you say won't stop falling do you mean it keeps playing the fall animation? If you share a screenshot of the events it may be come obvious as to why it's not working.

  • Yes the fall animation keeps playing. Perhaps its something I've done wrong somewhere else in my event sheet. I will post a picture tomorrow when I'm home. Thanks for your help

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  • When the player lands do you hear the sound 'jumpland' ?

  • Yes, it plays the sound on a loop though i think because the jump animation makes it so he never touches the ground fully; just a little tap.

  • Yeah it shouldn't be looping, you should just land once and it plays once, something is wrong with your sprite. Check the collision box I suppose but it looks like your character is constantly in a fall state and doesn't quiet connect with the ground.

  • YUPP it was my sprite. I moved the origin point on my fall animation; in case it was preventing my character from touching the ground. That did the trick! Moving forward I think I'll use a player box to fix this issue. Thanks for your help you were amazing and reached out very quickly.

  • Great, I'm glad it's resolved :)

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