How do i stop 8 direction on one object when player is overlapping....etc

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  • I will try to explain as good as i can.

    I have my character. And on the back i have a device that can shoot a chain.

    When i press and hold the spacebar the chain fires,and when i release the spacebar it retracts.

    Both the player and the chain have 8 direction, and chain moves where the player moves.(so far so good)

    But when player hits/overlapping a wall and i keep pressing arrowkeys then the player stops but the chain keeps going.

    How do i stop 8 direction movement on the chain when the player has stopped?

    I have been working on this problem for 2 days now and need help.

  • It's hard to answer without seeing your code. But why do you have 8direction on the chain? If it's attached to the character, then you can just pin it, or position it to the character (with some offset) on every tick. This way when the character stops, the chain will also stop.

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  • I have now solved this one. I use frame animation for the chain (uses more memory,but it's working).

    But thanks for your answer dop2000 :)

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