How do I stop dark mode?

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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm building a web app with Construct 3, I'm kind of new in whole this web world and I'm having a trouble.

    I'm building a register form with Text Input plugin and I've done to get it stylized with CSS within Construct.

    The thing is, everything goes awesome on my PC browser, but when I test it on my mobile... the UI (Text Input) turns black due to my device's dark mode preferences.

    I haven't do anything to convert my UI to black, it does itself and I need it to stop as my web app is not designed to support Dark Mode.

    I've read in some blogs that the content won't show dark mode until the developer creates the design to show it, but I havent done it.

    How can I do to get my original design even running a dark mode browser?


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