How do I stop Construct from stitching images together and DO NOT create a spritesheet (on export)?

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  • Hey! I would like that when it comes to exporting my game to html5, Construct does not join the images. The program takes 10 images and transforms them into a single image. I wanted that when it was time to export, the original images would remain, without adding them to others.

    For example my friend, if I imported 87 images, I would like those 87 images to remain. And that there would not be 5 images with all together.

    I know that it does a lot better, putting it together and optimizing it. But I wanted to have this option to cancel this on some projects. For me, it will facilitate in some projects.

    And that's it =)

  • You can change the size of spritesheets, but it's not possible to switch it off completely.

    If for some reason you need image files to be separate, you can add them to the Files folder and load into each object on start of your game. But this may be a lot of work.

  • Why are you asking for this? It should make no difference to the game if Construct uses a spritesheet or not, and using a spritesheet is more efficient.

  • I would like to do this because I have some customers who just modify the images of ready games, such as the logo or the character. I instruct them to maintain only the original dimensions.

    To modify the images, you do not need a Construct license. It is very common to ask me to just change the images, and keeping the original size and separate, makes the job easier.

    Just for me to understand, then it wouldn't be possible to do that, at that moment?

    Thanks for the answers.

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  • Sounds like a good excuse to have the customer keep you on a retainer for updates.

    I do think it's a valid concern though, and I don't think it is currently possible in C3. It's going to be one of those compromises you'll have to accept for using a third party engine as your primary development software.

    Perhaps file a suggestion


    Edit: Note that this is probably undesired for most people by default. Besides the loss of optimization, it's very easy for end users to abuse the accessibility of assets, leading to the game being broken or cheating. Imagine what could happen if you made a particular object bigger or smaller, or transparent when is is supposed to be obscuring, ect. Normally you want only the developer to be able to modify game assets. So your customer can license C3 and you can provide them with the project file to edit themselves, or they can retain you to update the game for them when they send you new assets.

  • Thanks for the tip, I will put this suggestion.

    Look, in fact this is very common, very much, more than everyone thinks. I have been working with Construct for many years, and many clients just want to change images after the game is ready.

    And as it was before, it was very simple for anyone to change the images of the game. Just open it in Photoshop (example), change the image and save. Now, it is more complicated, because there is no way to know the limits of the original image.

    It is a pity, I think this optimization should be optional. I know all the good points, and I totally agree. But I think it should be optional, in small games it wouldn't make a difference.

    I will send this suggestion. Thank you all.

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