How do I stop audio from happening on click?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am brand new to Construct 3 and am having a ton of fun working in this program. I was putting together something based on the tutorial of Construct 3 where you have a player click and a bullet is shot from their gun. I added an audio file to play every time I click on the game. I also added an event that when a monster hits the player he dies and a game over screen appears. However, if I continue to click the screen, the audio file will still play even after the character is no longer there.

    Is there a way to make an event/condition to where once the player is 'destroyed' that the mouse click no longer works? Or to stop the audio file from playing on click? Does that make sense? I have attached a screenshot of my project for reference. Thanks!!


  • You need to add a second condition to the "On clicked" event, which will check if the character is still alive. It can be "Player is on screen" or "Player health>0" or "Player is animation 'Dead' not playing" or something similar.

    Select the event and press C to add another condition to it.

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  • Brilliant! It worked, thank you so much!

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